Portrait of Eva Baltasar
“The success of Permagel was like another flash flood that washed over me”

Eva Baltasar

She was unjustly obscure until only very recently and that may have been largely due to poetry.

Hands of people taking pictures of La Gioconda with their cellphones.
A Certain Darkness

The exhibit A Certain Darkness can be seen until January 5 at the CaixaForum. 

Black and white photographs by Lee Miller
Gala and Lee Miller, Surrealism in a room of one’s own

Gala was the wife and muse of Salvador Dalí, as well as his secretary and salesperson. Lee Miller was a stunningly beautiful fashion model who worked with Man Ray and served as a...

Sound technician working on an open air session at Sònar Festival
Deconstructing Music

Music is like water that slips through your fingers: just what is the nature of this ephemeral thing, held to be the most abstract and universal language? 

Cover of the book Les arts aplicades a Barcelona by Francesc Fontbona
The transformative power of the decorative arts

Forged iron, ceramics, wood, glass, pavement, coats of arms, clocks, bells… Art historian Francesc Fontbona edited Les arts aplicades a Barcelona (The Applied Arts in Barcelona...

Cover from the book El cel no és per a tothom by Marta Rojals
Rojals’ most ambitious novel

Marta Rojals has taken on the challenge in the American style, using the raw materials of our own local reality. It’s what we might call the “great Catalan novel”. 

Cover of the book Diumenges a Barcelona by Xavier Theros
A stroll through Can Fanga

Writing about Barcelona is a way of recuperating it. This form of resistance has inspired a great deal of literature, be they collections of oral stories, memories or articles on...

Battles won and yet to win

We live in turbulent times, and culture is not immune to the upheaval caused by the change of era in which we find ourselves. 

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