City and Science Biennial 2021

Civic centers and libraries join the City and Science Biennial

The proposals bring the event to all districts and are added to the debate on major issues of this edition such as sustainable food and COVID-19, and innovative formats such as The night of science.

From June 8 to 13, the City and Science Biennial will fill Barcelona with scientific knowledge, popularization and reflection on how we will face the challenges of this century. This year's wide range of activities, with about 250 activities including those of the +Biennial and the Science Festival, also includes proposals organized by the Network of Libraries and Civic Centers, which extend the scientific debate in almost all districts of the city through workshops, lectures, tours, games, exhibitions and other formats. Nearly 20 activities in local facilities bring us closer to the marine sciences, climate change, the study of the brain, biodiversity, energy, citizen science and other major themes of this Biennial such as sustainable food and COVID-19.

The reason why food occupies a prominent place in this Biennial is due to the fact that Barcelona is the World Capital of Sustainable Food in 2021. In this framework, many of the proposals analyze the current food system and its impact on the environment and people, emphasizing climate change, access to food and inequalities, health, pollution, consumption habits and the relationship of this system with scientific and technological progress.

As expected, COVID-19 is another major protagonist of the Biennial. The pandemic has challenged science in order to find solutions against time to mitigate the global impact of the virus. In an unprecedented time, we have successfully developed a vaccine to protect us from COVID-19, but scientific knowledge has also played an important role in other aspects, such as decision-making and the definition of measures to contain the pandemic. Furthermore, these measures and the impact of COVID-19 have drastically changed people's lives and social relationships. All these aspects will be the subject of discussion in numerous Biennial activities.

Apart from the Biennial's themes, this edition also incorporates a great diversity of formats, some of them quite innovative. In this sense, it is worth mentioning those of The night of science, a series of late-night encounters that explore the limits of science, technology and arts on June 11 at El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria. Thus, for example, The night brings shows such as two live coding sessions, with music, live programming and projections, or a concert in which neuroscience is the protagonist. You can also find poetry in the context of a sociological study on what citizens hate and love about Barcelona, a bunch of lightning talks in pecha kucha format or a conference on the myth of Frankenstein seen from synthetic biology, bioengineering and regenerative medicine.

Whatever the topic or format, as a COVID-19 prevention measure, most of the activities of this City and Science Biennial require registration and have a limited capacity, so it is recommended to reserve a place. Visit their website and don't miss your chance!

Publication date: Wednesday, 02 June 2021
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