Easter at CosmoCaixa

All the museum's activities to enjoy science and the holidays with the whole family.

The Easter holidays are almost upon us and the activities organised for this time of year are starting to come to the fore. CosmoCaixa will be offering a range of proposals for all the family to discover a wide variety of subjects, from botany to engineering or the universe. From 1 to 10 April, coinciding with the school holidays, you will have the opportunity to visit the museum and take part in all the workshops, exhibitions and shows on offer, as well as visiting its exhibitions and emblematic installations.

Science encompasses many fields. From the study of the largest conceptions, to the smallest, from the living to the inanimate. With Explore: The Stone Plants, you will enter the world of the Mesembryanthemaceae, plants that live in Southern Africa and which raise doubts about their condition at first glance. Their shape and characteristics make them look like rocks and they end up going unnoticed in the areas where they take root. During this activity you will discover the curiosities of these species, you will see several types and you will be introduced to the world of botany.

You will also be able to discover all the details of the architecture of the science museum. During The hidden museum, you will take a tour through the history of the three CosmoCaixa buildings. You will understand the reasons behind the building and its materials, the intentions of the people who designed it, and how natural resources are used to make it sustainable, among many other things. You can also take part in the Escape room: Fibonacci's dream where you will enter the world of mathematics from an emotional point of view. An ideal time to enjoy this science through guessing games, puzzles and technology.

One of the highlights of this Easter season are the shows offered by CosmoCaixa. Engruna Teatre's Universe is a sensory experience in which poetry, music and movement come together to talk about space. An unrepeatable experience, an immersive connection with the outside world for the children of the house. You will also be able to enjoy the performance Maña. This show shows the process of creating a giant arch made of boxes. Using old technologies, ingenuity and the use of the least possible force, a fully functional artefact will be built.

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Publication date: Thursday, 23 March 2023
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