The other side of Jaume Plensa

Known worldwide for his volumetric sculptures, the author has a prolific graphic work that allows him to experiment and deepen his creative language.

The Eude gallery opened in 1975 as a gallery specialising in graphic art, thanks to Fina Furriol's commitment. That spirit, which made Eude "an art gallery for the love of art" is still alive. Until 31 July you can visit the exhibition Jaume Plensa. Selected Graphic Work 1982-2021.

In parallel to his career as a sculptor, Jaume Plensa (Barcelona, 1955) has worked in many other disciplines, such as costume and set design for opera and theatre productions, as well as photography, visual arts, painting, drawing and engraving.

In 2013, the artist was awarded the National Graphic Art Award. This creative diversity is part of a particular strategy of the author to codify and redefine artistic functionality through different registers. By means of engraving, for example, Plensa explores aspects that cannot always be approached from drawing or sculpture, since engraving is not a reproduction of any of these disciplines, but a form of expression to delve into a language of his own.

According to the author, "for those of us who like engraving and have always used it as just another technique, and not as a resource, ideas become a laboratory". In addition, and thanks to its immediacy, "many of the things that are born in the graphic work then go on to sculpture".

The exhibition provides an insight into his graphic production and allows the visitor to see a selection of his evolution and continuities -such as his literary inspiration, his interest in materialising poetic ideas, or the combination of words and images- through various series and works.

Publication date: Monday, 13 March 2023
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