One of Hélène Delprat's works on show at the exhibition

Hélène Delprat, unclassifiable art at the Picasso's salons

The French artist brings her imaginary and meaningful worlds to Barcelona with the exhibition The Souvenir of Lost Battles.

Hélène Delprat (Amiens, France, 1957), a multidisciplinary and unclassifiable artist and the recent winner of the Simone and Cino Del Luca Foundation prize for her artistic career, will be present in Barcelona through her works from 9 June to 24 September. The Picasso Museum will be hosting The Souvenir of Lost Battles, an exhibition that is an excellent example of the artist's way of creating: she creates a personal and at the same time combative imaginary, and does so through painting, sculpture, installation and photography, always with the issues of identity and memory very much in mind..

Delprat starts from the everyday and examines parts of life and death, especially the latter. The result is the construction of imaginary worlds rich and full of meaning, which ooze their individuality and take on meaning in the collectivity of the public sphere. Among the pieces in the exhibition is Je aime pas beaucoup Guernica (2016-2019), a declaration of intent: a bold and explicit collage in which the artist waves a flag that is also a combat spear in front of Picasso, who appears in a bathrobe. The photograph of the artist from Malaga dates from 1965 and was taken by Lucien Clergue. Regarding Delprat's artistic career, the Picasso Museum adds: "Through her diaries, radio drawings and fake interviews, she finds moments of humour in the midst of sadness and discovers traces of humanity in our increasingly digital world". In addition, the museum also announces that it is preparing a collaboration with the artist that will deal with Picasso and the Civil War.

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Publication date: Thursday, 08 June 2023
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