Promotional image of the canadian singer Tia Brazda

Tia Brazda, an exclusive jewel

The Canadian retro singer presents her new album, When I Get Low, at the Harlem Jazz Club.

On 18 March at 11pm, Canadian singer-songwriter Tia Brazda will perform an exclusive concert at the Harlem. The artist is widely known for her personal style of performing jazz music with elements of swing, blues, rockabilly, soul, electro and pop, to the extent that she is considered by many to be one of the muses of the electro-swing movement.

After performing at renowned international festivals such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Tía Brazda will make a stop in Barcelona in the middle of her tour of Europe and North America to present her latest album, When I Get Low, which will be released on 27 May and adds to her previous works: the EP Cabin Fever (2012) and the elopés Bandshell (2015); Bandshell Remixed (2016), in collaboration with DJs from all over the world, such as Wolfgang Löhr or Sound Nomaden, and Daydream (2018).

This time, Tia Brazda proposes a trip back in time to rediscover songs from the 1930s and the Great American Songbook, accompanied by Mike Freedman (guitar), Guillermo Calliero (trumpet), Giuseppe Campisi (bass) and Mariano Steimberg (drums). The result, according to the critics, is an album that is "thematically dystopian, uplifting and dreamy". And somewhat noisy.

The venue's March programme is completed with an extensive and varied number of concerts featuring the venue's regular groups and artists, such as the blues & early jazz sessions by Chino Swingslide (on 7, 14, 21 and 28); the Mr. Shingles jams (on 9, 16, 23 and 30), or the performances by Chino & The Sharps (on 10 and 24) and Chino & The Big Bet Blues Band and Nil Mujal, on 17. Virginia & The Woolfs (on the 11th), La Voodoo (on the 12th), Son de la Rambla (on the 25th) and World's Music Ensemble (on the 26th) will also be there.

Tickets range between 10 and 15 euros and can be bought in advance by clicking on the concerts listed at this link.

Publication date: Tuesday, 07 March 2023
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