Vicenta Ndongo, at the front, Emma Arquillué and Andrew Tarbet in Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation

First immersive theatre experience at L'Ideal

In the play Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation, directed by Pau Roca, the audience's role is decisive.

After a run at the Grec Festival de Barcelona and a season at the Sala Beckett, the show Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation now lands at L'Ideal, Centre d'Arts Digitals, for a new evolution. It is an unclassifiable work by Tim Crouch, of which the director of the production, Pau Roca, says: "It's hard for me to say if it is theatre, but I wouldn't know what it is either." What we can say, however, is that it will be L'Ideal's first immersive theatrical experience, with the audience playing an active role: each spectator will find a printed copy of a book on their seat, and the main character of the story, the audience and the performers will turn the pages together.

What is this book? Let's set the scene. In Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation, a father, a mother and a daughter go in search of answers after a cataclysm. The father has written a book that predicts everything from where a black hole will be formed to the words that will be said in the next few minutes. The man has summoned all his followers to a space where they will sit down and manifest their faith in something that, in fact, no one knows exists. In the immersive room of L'Ideal, the illustrations of the book will come to life. Roca encourages "anyone who likes theatre to go through an experience like this, which is to read a book while its characters are forced to perform it in front of you".

You can enjoy this unique experience until 29 May. Check this link for more information.

Publication date: Thursday, 12 May 2022
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