La Pedrera Magical Vision is the new mixed reality experience

An interactive and sensorial visit to La Pedrera

An immersive initiative that combines holographic technology and reality.

There is a new and original way to discover an emblematic building of the city and to enjoy our art and heritage. La Pedrera Magical Vision offers a unique experience, which also allows access to a new space that was previously not open for visits, the mezzanine that surrounds the Pati de les Papallones of La Pedrera, designed by Gaudí.

The experience lasts 15 minutes and is available in 11 languages. It is a mixed experience, a technology in which holograms are combined with real space. The holograms appear in different areas along the visitor's route, allowing them to get to know the building and its history differently and to discover its exclusive materials. Without a doubt, it is a different way of enriching the visit.

Until now, technology was not very present in the cultural sphere, but La Pedrera is taking the lead. It is based on the Microsoft HoloLens 2 device and is the first cultural visit in Spain to use it. Developed with Windows, these autonomous glasses make it possible to create these new environments.

The Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera has relied on the wholesaler Ingram Micro for the implementation of the project and has also been advised by specialists from the company Bechtle and Laie Culture Experience, which has carried out the technical deployment. The holograms that appear during the tour have been developed by the international post-production studio Glassworks, which specialises in visual effects and digital animation.

This is the first permanent exhibition of its kind to offer visitors greater freedom of movement and interactivity, allowing them to participate in the history of the building, which dates back to 1905 when the bourgeois couple Pere Milà and Roser Segimon commissioned the architect Antoni Gaudí to build their new residence: the Casa Milà, their last civil work.

You can get your tickets at this link.

Publication date: Monday, 18 July 2022
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