Observatori Fabra i la ciutat de Barcelona il·luminada.

Journey to the planets from Collserola

The Fabra Observatory organises nighttime visits to its facilities to explore space from the mountain range at the foot of Tibidabo.

Have you ever seen a planet through a telescope? The Fabra Observatory gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience and the chance to discover the closest stars to our planet. On Fridays and Saturdays until May 2023night guided tours to at the Observatory are organised to tour the facilities, learn about its history and try out some of its instruments.   

The Fabra Observatory has been studying the cosmos for over a hundred years near the city of Barcelona, in a space located 400 metres from the metropolis. An idyllic place to observe what surrounds us. During the nights of your visit, in addition to the views, you can enjoy a guided tour of the museum and the modernist auditorium. You will also be able to use the Observatory's telescope, one of the oldest in the world and still in operation. If you come at the weekend, you will take part in a conference, watch a video on astronomy and, during the visit outside the dome, you will receive a glass of cava or a fruit juice. In short, an evening full of activities. 

During this edition, through the 1904 telescope you will have the opportunity to observe stars such as Mars, the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. However, if the weather is favourable, you will be able to see well-known constellations such as the Coma Berenices and its triple star system, or the Manger in the constellation of Cancer, one of the closest open clusters to the Earth. 

If you like astronomy or want to see everything that surrounds us beyond our atmosphere as never before, don't miss the nighttime visits to the Fabra Observatory. More information at this link.

Publication date: Thursday, 01 December 2022
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