Mabel Flores

Social criticism and introspection to rumba and pop rhythms

Mabel Flores presents the songs from her first album, Meraki, at the Barcelona Districte Cultural.

The release in 2018 of the collective and conceptual album Entre mujeres put her on the music scene. Two years later, she began to record her first solo album, but the arrival of the pandemic slowed down the project, which did not see the light of day until January 2021 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Its title, Meraki, and its author, Mabel Flores. It was produced by Carlos Manzanares. There are ten songs with a great diversity of styles, from rumba to merengue, ska, cumbia and pop. The lyrics of this singer-songwriter from Terrassa do not shy away from social criticism, with a vindictive and feminist slant, although they can also talk about life in general or have an introspective look. In parallel, Flores has also published the poetry book Lo que no se canta, and last year she wrote lyrics and music for a song-manifesto, Estimo la nit, commissioned by the Consell Comarcal del Bages for the prevention of sexist aggressions.

If you want to discover Mabel Flores live, Barcelona Districte Cultural makes it easy for you: she will perform on 24 March at the Baró de Viver Civic Centre, the following day outside the Trinitat Vella Civic Centre, and on 28 April in Plaça Hilari Salvador, in a concert at the Barceloneta Civic Centre. The singer's recitals are dominated by a festive atmosphere and Latin and folk rhythms, with the intimate pop present in some bars of the album taking second place.

More information and ticket reservations, here.

Publication date: Tuesday, 21 March 2023
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