One of the works by the artist Amalia Pica on display at the exhibition

A prelude to MACBA's new collection

The museum presents the exhibition Poetic Intention, with recently acquired works and some that have not yet been shown to the public.

On 14 December, on the first floor of the Meier building, Poetic Intention will open its doors. It is an exhibition in which politics and poetics enter a dialogue that reflects on the inherent relations between the work of art and its context, the subjects that surround it and the material culture it generates. The exhibition takes a journey through case studies and presents works recently acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), some of which have not yet been exhibited. In fact, this proposal is, according to the MACBA, like "a musical prelude that anticipates what is to come", as the museum will soon be opening a new building to offer a new vision of its collection. In Poetic Intention you will find works by Lúa Coderch, Ignasi Aballí, Dora García, Amalia Pica, Mirtha Dermisache, Mar Arza and Concha Jerez, among others.

The pieces from the MACBA collection will remain on display until mid-2024. The curators of the exhibition are Elvira Dyangani Ose, Antònia M. Perelló Ferrer, Claudia Segura Campins and Patricia Sorroche, and they head the room sheet by asking visitors some questions: "What would happen if we were to detach the work from the museographic context in which it is inserted? What opportunities would this gesture offer us to perceive it in itself, in its poetic essence? Would it be possible to consider museography as a kind of aphasia and propose the disarticulation of the dramaturgy of the museum, which tells us how to move in certain spaces, how to observe artistic experiences and how to assimilate the knowledge that emerges?" The intention of the exhibition is, they explain, to make space for an exercise that allows us to test a rupture in the institutional framework, offering room for reflection and critique where the concept and experience of "art" is presented as a generating and emancipating principle.

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Publication date: Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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