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A Paranormal Experience Among Over One Hundred and Fifty Characters

The Wax Museum offers a guided tour to discover the mysteries hidden in its halls on November 25th and December 2nd.

If you're a fan of paranormal phenomena and mysteries, you can't miss the guided tour at the Wax Museum. An itinerary through history among more than a hundred iconic figures to uncover the enigmas housed in the museum's twenty-eight rooms. Seize this unique opportunity to explore the space differently, after it has closed its doors to the public. This fascinating stroll will take place on November 25th and December 2nd.

The museum's halls harbour paranormal stories based on real events, and from 8 p.m., everything takes on a different atmosphere to immerse you in the darkest mysteries and explore the scenes and characters in low light... Thus, you can discover the Wax Museum in a completely different way. It's important to note, however, that this is a guided tour in a group and by no means a haunted house experience.

This is a unique occasion to explore a space located in the city centre, which was formerly the headquarters of the Banco de Barcelona, a place that stands out for its relevant history and architecture. From here, you will travel through time in the company of mythical personalities. This way, you will walk among creatures and wild characters, as well as meet the largest and most imposing inhabitant of the museum; you will explore worlds as diverse as the underwater and space. There won't be a shortage of important personalities, from renowned actors and actresses to figures prominent in sports, cooking, painting, and music. You will delve into the adventure of the pirate universe and the magical world of wands and enchantments. You will also get to know the most relevant figures in the city, as well as a space dedicated to Catalan traditions, among other surprises, all from a paranormal perspective.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the museum uniquely, amid mysteries and paranormal phenomena, while discovering the secrets among the characters that inhabit it... Guided tours will take place on November 25th and December 2nd, at 8 p.m. The duration of the activity is 1 hour, and the ticket price is €21. If you want to purchase tickets, you can do so on the Wax Museum's website.

Publication date: Tuesday, 21 November 2023
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