Amos Gitai

Amos Gitai's subversive cinema

In January, the Filmoteca de Catalunya is dedicating a retrospective to the Israeli filmmaker.

Amos Gitai is a renowned Israeli filmmaker born in Haifa in 1950. He is also an architect, writer and author of exhibitions and has nearly 70 documentaries and fiction movies in his filmography. Thanks to his work, we can follow Israel's troubled history over time. From 11 to 29 January, the Filmoteca de Catalunya, in collaboration with the Cineteca Nacional de México and the Institut Français de Barcelona, will be paying tribute to this cinematographer with a selection of 10 of Gitai's films. The cycle is starting on Tuesday the 11th with a conversation between Amos Gitai and Esteve Rimbau, the director of the Filmoteca, that will kick off the retrospective. On the same day, they will also screen Laila in Haifa (2020), a drama of interwoven stories that will include a presentation and a discussion with the director. Gitai will also be at the screenings on Wednesday the 12th, where you will be able to see Bait (1980) and Carmel (2009).

The rest of the titles are Esther (13/01 and 23/01), Berlin-Yerushalaim (14/01 and 21/01), Golem, the Spirit of the Exile (15/01 and 21/01), Devarim (18/01 and 26/01), Lullaby to My Father (22/01 and 27/01), Zirat Ha'Rezach (25/01 and 28/01) and Kippour, souvenirs de guerre (27/01 and 29/01). The films have been chosen to show the subversion of Gitai'a cinema in a country where "politics creep into the bedroom". His work has brought him into conflict with Israeli authorities several times, which is why he had to settle in Paris for a few years. He is now back in Haifa, where he continues to advocate for coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians and explore issues such as exile and cultural contradictions.

The opening session with the author will be free of charge, and tickets can only be purchased at the Filmoteca's box office. Tickets for the rest of the screenings are 4 euros and can be purchased at the centre's website.

Publication date: Tuesday, 04 January 2022
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