DAU Barcelona 2022 awards

Hall of fame:  Johan Christoph Fiedrich GutsMuths

Premi vida:  Ulrich Schädler

Autor novell:  Albert Reyes (adele)

Autor:  Mathias Wigge )(ark nova)

Artista:  Pedro Soto

Game Jam

Sunday, 20 November 16:30 to 19:30, 2nd floor of Harmonia building

Creative session where, without the pressure of a competitive event, a group will be working in the same project, sharing different ways of working and focusing on the creation of a game.

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Participation game

This year we’re offering you a game that will lead to you to discover the whole of the festival!

We’ve hidden clues in every one of Dau’s venues for you to work out a secret code. If you find them all, you’ll be able to complete our slogan:

El joc és _______

(Games are _______)


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DAU Barcelona 2022