Beyond Dau

Barcelona plays all year long


In Barcelona, you can play all year long!

The 0-99 game space has been launched. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the year, a games kiosk located in La Clariana in Parc de les Glòries lends recreational equipment and board games, with proposals for all ages. It also offers the surroundings a space with tables, chairs, parasols and corners to play outdoors.

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Find out where you can enjoy board games and roleplay games on your doorstep.



  1. 4 daus de 6.
  2. ALC Stronghold. Carrer Garcilaso 103 
  3. Alpha Ares. Carrer Àlaba 51
  4. BarnaJocs. Carrer Besos, 17 
  5. BCN Wonders. Carrer Selva de Mar 215 
  6. Club de rol Auryn. Carrer Lorena 77-79, Local 4 
  7. Club Mournibal, Rol i Wargames a L’Espiga. Carrer Joan Gamper, 30 
  8. Daus del triangle. Carrer Ausiàs March, 60
  9. Irregulares plan B. Carrer Nogues, 59 
  10. Juguem. Carrer de Berenguer de Palou, 64-66
  11. Kleff.
  12. Kritik. Carrer Dolors Masferrer i Bosch, 33-35 
  13. La ploma negra. Carrer Manuel Angelon, 1 
  14. Mesa-Bcn. Carrer Fonerai, 21 
  15. Sants Niggurath. Carrer d'Olzinelles, 31 
  16. Sociedad Pathfinder Barcelona.
  17. Tirant lo dau.
  18. Zas. Carrer de Piferrer, 94 
  19. Ludo Ub. Gran via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
  20. El Catau de la Quimera. Carrer Gran de Gracia, 190-192
  21. Jugar x Horta. Carrer de Feliu i Codina, 7 i 9



  1. Central de Jocs. Carrer de Numància, 112
  2. Crato Sphere. Carrer de Bascònia, 12. Local 1
  3. Dungeon Marvels. Carrer d’Olzinelles, 49
  4. El Nucli. Carrer de Valladolid, 41
  5. Frikitomi Plaza. Carrer d’Ausiàs Marc, 43
  6. Gameria. Carrer d’Ausiàs Marc, 52
  7. Gigamesh. Carrer de Bailèn, 8
  8. GoblinTrades. Carrer de Girona, 25
  9. inGenio BCN Games. Passeig de Sant Joan, 16
  10. JugarXJugar. Avinguda de Gaudí, 39
  11. Kaburi. Passeig de Sant Joan, 11
  12. La Jungla. Plaça de Sant Bernat Calbó, 8
  13. La Maquinària. Carrer del Llenguadoc, 82
  14. La Tienda Scum. Carrer del Treball, 246
  15. Lupoteca. Ronda del General Mitre, 150
  16. Mathom. Carrer del Pi, 1, local 10
  17. Starship Games. Carrer dels Comtes de Bell-lloc, 182
  18. The Curiosity Shop. Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 13
  19. Zacatrus. Carrer de Casanova, 3


Dau in the neighbourhoods


‘Dau in the neighbourhoods’ offers the residents of each district an open play space suitable for all kinds of people.  With the idea that playing knows no ages and that board games are an alternative kind of entertainment ideal for community bonding and enjoying culture, the Dau Barcelona festival is coming to the city to share the latest news and most iconic games in the world of board games.

The activities are free of charge for city residents and open to anyone who lives or makes a living in Barcelona, aged 3 to 99. The team of animators is in charge of presenting and explaining the games and can recommend the best ones depending on different users’ tastes and needs.

Friday 3 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Centre Cívic Drassanes
Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 43

Monday 6 November from 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Centre Cívic Cotxeres de Sants
Carrer del Rabí Rubèn, 22.

Tuesday 7 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Centre Cívic Vil·la Florida
Carrer de Muntaner, 544

Thursday 9 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Ateneu la Bòbila
Carrer de l’Estudiant, 1

Friday 10 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas-Les Corts
Carrer de Dolors Masferrer i Bosch, 33-35

Monday 13 November from 17.30 to 19.30 pm

Centre Cívic del Besòs i el Maresme
Rambla de Prim, 87

Tuesday 14 November from 17.00 to 19.00 pm

Centre Cívic La Sedeta
Carrer de Sicília, 321

Wednesday 15 November from 17.30 to 19.30 pm

Centre Cívic El Carmel
Carrer del Santuari, 27

Thursday 16 November from 17.30 to 19.00 pm

Centre Cívic Ateneu Fort Pienc
Plaça del Fort Pienc, 4-5

Schools at Dau


Yet another year, the Dau festival is coming to schools to offer a range of educational and fun activities. In this year's edition, we’ve added two important new features compared to previous editions. First, we have revived the format of offering the activities directly at the school. Workshop leaders will visit primary and secondary schools that request any of the activities to lead it at the school. Secondly, for the first time at the Dau festival, the range of activities is being opened to all state schools in the city of Barcelona.

The schools can request the following activities:

  • Morra workshop, run by the Companyia de Jocs l’Anònima

    Monday 13 to Friday 17 November at 9 and 11 am

    For the upper cycle of primary school and all of secondary school

    Morra is a game played without any equipment. It fosters mental agility and verbal and nonverbal language. It is an ages-old game played throughout the entire Mediterranean. All you need is your hands. The workshop will teach the game and allow participants to practise it, bearing in mind its ancient seafaring origins. The students will receive a book called Quina morra, which includes the history of the game, instructions on how to play it and stories with historical inspiration in which morra plays a prominent role.

    Game suitable for interdisciplinary work.

  • Games and mathematics, organised by SET-ABEAM Group

    Tuesday 14 to Friday 17 November at 9 and 11 am (Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15: secondary school. Thursday 16 and Friday 17: primary school)

    In this workshop, students can discover different board games that are not only fun to play but also work on, exemplify and reinforce different mathematical concepts and ideas.

*All the activities can be done in the classroom without any special technical requirements.

**At least one member of the teaching team must be in the classroom during the activity.

***All the activities are planned for 30 students at the most.


Schools can register for the ‘Dau at Schools’ activities at this link.

Within at most 48 hours from sending in the request, the school will receive an email confirming the assignment of the activity and the times, or notification that it has been placed on the waiting list. After that, unless needed, there will no further communication with the school until the day of the activity. The workshop leader will arrive at the school slightly before the activity starts to introduce themselves and set it up. 

Schools are asked to have the spaces, students and teachers prepared on the day and at the time assigned so that the activity can run smoothly.

If the requests for activities exceed the availability, activities will be assigned on a strictly first-come-first-served basis, based on registration.

Registration will be open between Friday 26 October and Friday 3 November (first and last dates included).