Give books as Christmas presents

Christmas is a great opportunity to give people books as gifts and encourage reading. Here is a list of our recommendations for books about Barcelona. What’s new and the most notable publications of 2019 so that you can enjoy this Christmas and the festivities with books and reading material about Barcelona.

Itineraris brossians

Judith Barnés, Glòria Bordons and Daniel Giralt-Miracle

Based on seven itineraries and 41 spaces, we delve into the creative universe of Joan Brossa, who made poetry out of the urban space.

Vida i miracles de la plaça Reial

Xavier Theros

A square with so much history and so much life too. One of the city’s most iconic spots, which Barcelona residents should rediscover.

Topografia de la destrucció

Laia Arañó and Mireia Capdevila

This book is the fullest, most comprehensive account yet written of the bombings of Barcelona during the Civil War (1936-1939).

Diccionario del franquismo

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and Miguel Brieva (illustrations)

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán wrote this dictionary in 1977 and we are republishing it because of the disturbing persistence of the Francoist substratum in present day society.

Barcelona pròxima

Andreu Ulied

Past, present and future. This book becomes a chronicle of how we build, live in and think about cities, and in particular Barcelona.

Un barceloní a Beirut

Tomás Alcoverro

One of the most recognised and award-winning correspondents takes us on an exciting journey from Barcelona to Beirut, his life's cities.

Els 4 Gats

Jordi Notó i Brullas

A chronicle of the extraordinary renaissance of Els Quatre Gats, one of ’s most iconic restaurants. Bohemian enclave and cradle of local and universal geniuses.

Gent de ploma i marabú. Geografia LGTB+ de Barcelona

Thais Morales and Carme Pollina

The mark the LGBT+ world has left on Barcelona and the reasons why the city has become a refuge, capital and point of reference for this collective.

En Jo_n ha perdut la A

Pep Molist (text) and Maria Beitia (illustrations)

A journey through the work of Joan Brossa, in the form of a children’s story in which Joan, who loves playing with the shape of letters, one day loses the letter A.

Barris de muntanya. Montbau i Sant Genís dels Agudells

Lucía Gómez

An illustrated stroll through the streets, squares and parks of two neighbourhoods in the north of the Horta-Guinardó district. Two neighbourhoods where nature plays a leading role.

Seguint les petjades. Vilapicina i Torre Llobeta, Turó de la Peira i Can Peguera

Patricia Soler

We follow in the illustrator’s footprints to discover the places and people she describes in these three neighbourhoods of the Nou Barris district.

Sant Antoni. Barri, mercat i rondes

Mercè Guiu

A new and vibrant take on the Sant Antoni neighbourhood, where the market is the centre of local life, by an urban sketcher.

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