Give books as Christmas presents

The Christmas festivities are a great opportunity to gift books and visit your neighbourhood bookshops. Here is a list of our recommendations for books about Barcelona. The best of the most recent publications so that you can enjoy this Christmas reading about Barcelona.

La ciutat del futur

Anna Miracle and Julio Antonio Blasco

Discover through Teresa, a girl from Barcelona, the fascinating initiatives being carried out in different cities around the world to tackle climate change.

Barcelona. La meva ciutat

Marina Luz García and Neus Caamaño

A highly visual album with the main statistical data on Barcelona to invite young children to discover the city and its neighbourhoods and think about how to improve them.

Les aventures de l’editorial Joventut

Julià Guillamon and Mònica Baró

This book offers a visual account of the hundred years of the Joventut publishing company, with a spectacular graphic approach, awakening the memory to the surprise of readers.

Carnet de Voyage: estimada Collserola

Raúl Deamo

An illustrated walk around Collserola through the drawings of Raúl Deamo, describing hilltops, ponds, allotments, hermitages and natural landscapes of great beauty.

Els cinemes de la meva vida

Carlos Mir

A journey around Barcelona in the 50s, 60s and 70s, through Carlos Mir’s personal memory of the city’s cinemas, most of them now disappeared.


Josep Maria Lari Mirambell

Photographic memory of the transformation of Barcelona in the 20s and 30s through the everyday domestic photographs of Josep M. Lari Mirambell.

Pilar Aymerich

Pilar Aymerich

A route around the main work of Pilar Aymerich, chosen by her, with never-before-published photos and historical memory texts providing moving and historical context.

Picasso-Barcelona. Una cartografia

Claustre Rafart

On the one hand, this is a biography of the young artist, and on the other, a guide to Barcelona, explaining the link between Picasso and the city which saw him evolve towards a modern painter.

Guia de fauna urbana de Barcelona

Sergi García Rodríguez and Martí Franch

We might think that only familiar animals live in the city: cats, dogs, pigeons...but there are many more! Discover them in the Guia de fauna urbana de Barcelona.

Guia de flora urbana de Barcelona

Pere Barnola and Josep Maria Panareda

A highly visual guide to discover and be able to identify over 125 species of trees, bushes and herbs we can find as we stroll around Barcelona.

Barcelona esgrafiada

Lluís Duran

This book invites us to take a walk and discover the shell of architecture and nearly 150 sgraffito designs that decorate the façades of the city.

Lluis Domènech i Montaner

Mireia Freixa and others

The book explains the dimension of Domènech as an architect, political, teacher, researcher and writer based on monographic studies of his most significant works.