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Boost to workers and services during the summer months

The aim of the Summer Plan is to combat anti-social behaviour and promote good quality clean and safe public space, offering harmony in the busiest months of the year with the most intensive variety of uses. Part of the Pla Endreça, the special operation includes more City Police officers and more cleaning teams, in place from June to October.

24/05/2024 - 15:06 h - Urban planning and infrastructures Ajuntament de Barcelona

Over 200 activities are scheduled in the city over the course of the summer, between traditional events, sports and culture. Nearly 600 additional workers will be strengthening the various municipal operations during this time to ensure the city runs smoothly for local people and their everyday lives.

Safety in public spaces will be improved with the addition of 200 more police officers in City Police operations. The extra officers will mainly work to counter anti-social behaviour, prevent noise pollution, particularly at night, and enforce the opening hours, capacities and locations of bars and terraces.

Safe routes and purple points will also be operating to prevent gender violence during the day and at night in the busiest areas, with specific operations in place for the eve of Sant Joan, La Mercè, and the local festivals in the neighbourhoods.

Good quality and clean public spaces

Cleaning services will be boosted with an additional 85 cleaning teams and 288 workers. The extra resources will be used to intensify:

  • Cleaning with water in the main streets, shopping areas and coastal areas.
  • Emptying litter bins.
  • Cleaning in parks and gardens in the afternoons.
  • Removing large waste items.
  • Cleaning waste containers.

In all, 70 civic officers will be promoting the proper use of public space. Their tasks have been broadened this year to include the detection of inappropriate disposal of waste.

The 36 teams devoted to cleaning graffiti and removing stickers and posters will continue to operate during the summer months too.

All this will be planned and executed in areas where a high volume of this type of anti-social behaviour has been detected and, according to needs, in areas reported by members of the public, the City Police and others.

Ready for bathers at the beaches

The high season for bathing gets under way on Saturday, 25 May, with all the usual services activated: lifeguard and rescue, assisted bathing, information staff, manual cleaning of sand and cleaning of surface water at sea.

The Beach Centre will be offering dissemination activities for families, with the dog area at the Llevant beach also set to open again.

The Barcelona Fire Service will be activating a special coastal operation providing rescue procedures, urgent assistance and prevention work.

High temperatures: operations on alert

The Vallvidrera fire station will now come into service, following the activation of the Fire Service pre-campaign on the prevention of forest fires in Collserola, in place since mid-April.

On a social level, the Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB) again plays a central role in social care, while the city’s climate shelters, schools, facilities, parks and other facilities will be open to help members of the public beat the heat.

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