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Responsible pet ownership campaign launched

A citywide campaign will be in place until Sunday, 31March, paying attention to behaviour relating to pets which may affect coexistence or degrade public space.

25/03/2024 - 13:36 h - Security and prevention Ajuntament de Barcelona

The campaign has the following general goals:

  • Raise public awareness about the need for respectful behaviour when it comes to owning pets, particularly dogs.
  • Make owners more aware of the importance of complying with the current regulations, particularly specific rules on potentially dangerous dogs.
  • Check that animals wear collars and leads.
  • Check the pet census and identify pets, particularly dogs.
  • Enforce regulations in connection with the presence of dogs on public transport.
  • Avoid the presence of pets in children’s play areas and gardens used by children. Together with squares, these spaces are more prone to anti-social behaviour on the part of those with dogs.

Ultimately, and in line with the Pla Endreça, the idea is to favour coexistence in communal areas and guarantee the excellence of public space. The operation also coincides with a campaign with information staff in areas where dogs can be let off their leads, in place around all districts to explain the basic rules for these areas. You can find the locations of all the areas where dogs can be let off their leads, along with opening times, on the map on the Animal Welfare website.

The City Police can use the by-law on the protection, ownership and sale of animals to tackle anti-social behaviour that affects coexistence and to regulate the interaction of people and pets in public spaces.

Cinc gossos de diferents races juguen i descansen en una àrea d’esbarjo per a gossos.

Five dogs of different breeds play and rest in a dog recreation area