BCNegra comes of age

As ever, big names from the national and international literary scene will be in the city for BCNegra, the 18th Noir Novel Festival. This year’s festival has over 120 participants and a programme with twenty activities based around the concept of a “double life”, a recurrent theme in this genre.

24/01/2023 14:42 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

BCNegra 2023 gets under way on 6 February, with the announcement of the winner of the Pepe Carvalho Award 2023, and runs until 12 February. El Molino and the Aribau Multicines are the main venues for the festival, which will also reach other places around the city. Notable authors taking part include Leonardo Padura, Claudia Piñeiro, Ray Loriga, Dominique Manotti, Leonardo Sciascia, Youssef El Maimouni, Dolores Redondo, Juan Gómez-Jurado, Antonio Manzini, Petros Márkaris, Núria Cadenes and others.

Different sides of the same character

The idea of the double, duplicity or two or more faces or lives of the same person opens up an endless range of possibilities in literature and in the genre at the heart of this festival. Many of those taking part have actually used it in their work. This duplicity is the central topic in this year’s BCNegra. In this vein, the book, author and character regained by the festival for this edition are The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?, Leonardo Sciascia and John Blacksad, respectively.

Beyond literature

One of the main attractions of the festival is the contact it offers with noir novel authors through dialogues, talks and round tables. Yet BCNegra is much more than that, and the programme also includes routes around the city, reading clubs, screenings, exhibitions, theatre shows and music.

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