Boost for the shock plan on mental health to improve emotional well-being

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on people’s emotional health, which is fundamental for well-being and quality of life. To address this, the special shock plan on mental health introduced at the start of the crisis has been broadened, with twenty measures aimed at different collectives, across all age groups, to be rolled out between this year and 2022.

25/05/2021 17:39 h

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The extension to the shock plan to address the emotional effects caused by Covid-19, with an investment of three million euros, includes specific measures on the prevention of juvenile suicide, psychological support for adults and mental health training for community stakeholders in the districts, to recognise and detect cases of emotional distress.

In Catalonia, between 2019 and 2020, attempted suicides among the under-18s rose from 473 cases in 2019 to 601 cases in 2020. In a bid to prevent this, an instant messaging service will be set up with teams specialised in dealing with teenagers and young people. A mobile app will also be created with content and practical information on suicide prevention. These initiatives come on top of the free 24-hour suicide prevention line: 900 925 555.

Six support points will also be set up to provide psychological assistance for the adult population. These will be linked to adult mental health centres to be established in neighbourhoods with the least favourable socio-economic indicators. These will be walk-in facilities, similar to the support points on the ‘Konsulta’m’ prorgamme for young people. There will also be courses and workshops to help improve emotional well-being.

Basic training in mental health will be offered by district offices, to help detect cases of emotional distress in the community. The training will be aimed at monitors on free-time activities, community centres, dining-rooms and sports activities, and volunteers with community associations.

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, and in collaboration with the working groups on mental health in the districts, four comprehensive plans will be developed for the prevention and improvement of well-being in four priority neighbourhoods. The first will be implemented in the neighbourhoods of the Zona-Nord section of Nou Barris (Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona and Torre Baró).

Balance for the shock plan launched in May 2020

Barcelona City Council put together a shock plan on mental health to mitigate the emotional impact of Covid-19 among people. The plan was launched within the broader context of the Mental Health Plan 2016-2022 and introduced a series of measures which are still in place. Emotional support groups were created to assist in the mourning process and a freephone suicide prevention line set up. For the elderly, one of the groups affected most by the pandemic, the municipal telecare service was boosted and the initiative ‘Vostè com està?’ contacted people between the ages of 70 and 84 who did not use any municipal service, to assess their emotional well-being.

In terms of psychological support for young people, this year sees the completion of the rollout of the ‘Konsulta’m’ network for detecting and providing preventive support for psychological suffering among young people. Eleven support points are currently in operation, one in each district.


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