Call for home renovation subsidies for 2021, with more investment and priority for energy efficiency

The call for 2021 increases investment from previous editions to reach 36.7 million euros, the goal being to achieve buildings and homes which are safer, more accessible and sustainable in terms of energy. The call includes different categories for the renovation of common elements in buildings and inside homes, with a special focus on the most vulnerable.

13/10/2021 10:33 h

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The forecast is that over fifteen thousand homes can benefit from the subsidies, with priority going to renovation projects geared towards the climate emergency, to achieve energy savings and financial savings alike through work such as insulating façades, renewing windows and installing solar panelling. This reduction can be between 10% for partial renovations and 25 and 30% for complete renovations.

The 2021 call is expected to generate 6,200 jobs and mobilise 110.91 million euros in private investment. The public investment of 36.97 million euros will be distributed in various subsidy categories:

  • Common elements
  • Highly complex properties
  • Interiors of vulnerable homes
  • Interiors of homes in the rental housing pool
  • Urban renewal in Canyelles and El Besòs i el Maresme

The call also includes specific subsidies for the most vulnerable families and communities, with programmes such as the one for highly complex properties in the Neighbourhood Plan, intended for the renovation of properties with socio-economic circumstances meaning they do not benefit from ordinary calls, and urban regeneration progammes in the Besòs area and Canyelles, which should reach 294 and 140 homes respectively.

Subsidies for highly complex properties can cover 75% of the overall investment and benefit some 180 homes, while subsidies for people on low incomes to carry out work on kitchens, bathrooms and improved accessibility could reach some 480 homes.

Requisites for increasing the rental housing stock

In the case of empty homes and vertical properties, subsidies will be conditioned by the inclusion of the flat in the city’s Affordable Rental Housing Pool for five years. If there are tourist flats in the property, the owners will not be able to benefit from the subsidy.

The budgetary item for this call has also been increased to improve the habitability of homes added to the Rental Housing Pool, with subsidies of up to 20,000 euros.

Full details on each of the subsidy categories for renovations can be found on the website for the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation.


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