Use of eleven municipal sites granted for the construction of affordable housing

The Full Council has approved the agreement with the Catalan Land Institute (INCASOL) to grant the use of eleven municipally owned sites for the construction of 637 homes with affordable rents. All the flats will be classed as protected housing and awarded to families on housing waiting lists, with 30% reserved for young people under the age of 35.

22/12/2023 11:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The agreement establishes that the homes must be ready within a maximum of five years from the time the use of the land is given, which will be through a leasehold of 75 years. After that time, the Government of Catalonia will return the management of the flats to the City Council.

This is the first stage of the agreement between the two administrations to promote and build 1,700 new homes, as agreed in the session in October by the Joint Commission between the City Council and the Government of Catalonia.


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