Disruptions to mobility for the Three Kings Parade 2022

The Three Kings Parade in Barcelona and other parades in various city neighbourhoods mean restrictions to traffic and disruptions to some bus services as from 5 pm.

04/01/2022 16:52 h

Ecologia Urbana

The event brings restrictions to circulation by private vehicles and disruptions to the routes used by most bus services, which will be limited or diverted.

The main restrictions will be in the city centre between 5 pm and 9.30 pm. The districts affected the most will be Ciutat Vella, L’Eixample and Sants-Montjuïc. Beforehand, circulation will be restricted for heavy vehicles over 3.5 tonnes as from 4 pm, except for public service vehicles.

The royal entourage sets off at 6.15 pm and will follow a 5 km route from Av. Marquès de l’Argentera (with Passeig de Circumval·lació) to the Magic Fountain in Montjuïc:

Start point in Passeig de Circumval·lació – Avinguda del Marquès de l’Argentera (side nearest the mountains) – Passeig d’Isabel II (side nearest the mountains) – Via Laietana – Carrer de Fontanella – Plaça de Catalunya (side nearest the sea) – Carrer de Pelai – Plaça de la Universitat (side nearest the sea) – Ronda de Sant Antoni – Carrer de Sepúlveda – Avinguda del Paral·lel (side nearest the Llobregat in the opposite direction) – Plaça d’Espanya (side nearest the sea in the opposite direction) – Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina – Avinguda de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia

At the same time, also on 5 January, all Bicing stations along the route for the parade will be out of service as from 1 pm. As from 8 am, parking meters in the following sections will also be out of service:

  • Circumval·lació (side nearest the mountains), between Wellington and Marquès de l’Argentera
  • Icària (side nearest the sea), between Wellington and Ramon Trias Fargas

Parking will also be prohibited at different points around the city, such as in Plaça de Catalunya, Passeig de Circumval·lació, Plaça de Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Carrer del Consolat de Mar and all streets around the route. The parking restriction includes motorbikes on pavements (except for the Besòs side of Avinguda del Paral·lel, between Carrer de Sepúlveda and Plaça d’Espanya). People are recommended to use the metro or go on foot to reach the parades. Times will be the same as for working days and apply until 2 am.

The disruptions and recommendations for public transport can be found on this link.

Besides the disruptions for this event, there will also be mobility restrictions in the districts of Sants-Montjuïc and Les Corts, and for the parades in Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris, Sant Andreu and Sant Martí.