Free activities at the beaches to celebrate World Ocean Day

The city joins the international call to preserve the biodiversity of oceans and sea and raise awareness over the negative impact of human activity. The Beach Centre, the environmental education and sustainability space for the sea and coast, is coordinating the free events and activities being offered at Barcelona’s beaches from 8 to 15 June.

08/06/2023 11:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

World Ocean Day is recognised by the UN and is an international cry to preserve the biodiversity of seas and oceans and inform people about the negative impact of human activity. The slogan for 2023 is “Planet Ocean: tides are changing”, the aim being to put oceans at the centre of sustainable development.

Activities being organised in Barcelona include a waste collection at the beaches on Saturday, 10 June, and a big sports event in the form of the 500 km open-water swim to back the campaign to keep the sea free of cigarette butts.

All the activities for World Ocean Day are being organised by the Beach Centre and are indicated on their website.

Barcelona to host the UNESCO Ocean Decade Conference

The city has been chosen by UNESCO to host the Ocean Decade Conference in April 2024. The three-day meeting on science to serve the oceans will bring together the maritime sector, philanthropists, academics, the private sector, civil society, government bodies and other stakeholders.


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