Grants for 225 projects in culture, science and education with the Barcelona Awards 2020

This year’s City of Barcelona Awards have exceptionally become the Barcelona Awards 2020 grant programme and will award 225 grants, with an overall value of 1.6 million euros, to projects for cultural creation, research and innovation in the fields of culture, science and education. The goal is to help kickstart sectors hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 crisis.

18/12/2020 16:52 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 225 grants will be worth between 6,000 and 10,000 euros each, depending on the category, and shared between three areas: culture, education and the dissemination of science and arts and sciences.

The initiative is part of the third package of measures presented in October to support the city’s cultural network. The grants are intended to maintain Barcelona’s dynamism and leadership in these three fields, and to help kickstart sectors which have suffered badly from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.

225 grants in three spheres

Grants in the cultural sphere are divided into two areas. One offers 155 grants of 6,000 euros each to support artistic creation. This section will favour projects in the areas of the performing arts, visual arts, music, audio-visuals, popular culture, literary creation and hybrids. Initiatives must be innovative and newly created, and take into account factors such as interculturality and the gender perspective.

There will also be 14 grants of 10,000 euros for projects in innovation and research in heritage spaces and community cultural action, whether aimed at young people who visit museums or at innovation in community cultural projects.

Regarding grants in the sphere of education, there are 34 awards of 10,000 euros available. They are aimed at projects which generate knowledge based on specific practices or which improve educational and cultural possibilities.

Finally, there are 22 grants of 10,000 euros for projects to disseminate science and the arts and sciences. The goal is to foster the creation of innovative scientific dissemination, the creation of digital educational content or audio-visuals, and the creation of artistic audio-visual projects connecting the fields of art and science.

The application period is open from 30 December to 17 February. Projects can be presented online using the website to support culture or in person at the Citizens Office for Culture.

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