Heritage acquisitions reach record levels

The programme of heritage acquisitions made in 2021 surpassed expectations, with the anticipated volume of 104 million euros, estimated at the start of the year, ending up as 78 acquisitions worth an overall amount of more than 108 million.

20/03/2022 10:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 78 purchases correspond to 55 commercial premises, 13 properties, including unique venues such as El Molino and the offices of the Editorial Gustavo Gili, and 13 whole buildings with 369 homes between them. The sum of these is 81 acquisitions, owing to the fact that one of the operations entailed the purchase of four buildings.

The balance of the programme from the Directorate for Heritage also highlights how three specific public policies have been given priority:

  • The increase to the public housing stock, with four goals: generating affordable city around the city, improving the condition of housing and properties, fighting gentrification and speeding up the expansion of the affordable housing stock. The right of first refusal has been used, making the final purchase price lower than those for other means of acquisition, some 28% lower to be precise.
  • The economic activation. Ground-floor premises have been acquired to reactivate local commerce, as well as industrial units to drive the circular and sustainable economy and speed up the digital transformation and energy transition for industrial SMEs.
  • The recovery of property assets of special interest and cultural, social and historical relevance, whether as future facilities or as spaces for municipal services. This is also the policy with the highest fulfilment percentage, at 122%.

Acquisitions distributed around the city

One of the premises of the programme was also to design parameters and criteria which would avoid acquisitions being concentrated in one specific part of the city. This has been achieved, as shown by the analysis of the distribution by policy and by district.

In terms of the public housing stock, half the acquisitions and investment corresponds to the district of L’Eixample. In terms of economic activation, the highest number of acquisitions was in Les Corts, while the most significant investment was in Ciutat Vella and Sant Andreu, as the purchase of industrial units was concentrated in the Besòs area. Finally, the biggest investment in terms of recovering property assets corresponds to Ciutat Vella and L’Eixample.


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