Mass screenings get under way at two schools in Nou Barris

Mass screening for Covid-19 is being carried out in collaboration with the Ministry for Health and the Ministry for Education at two schools in the district of Nou Barris: the Institut Escola Trinitat Nova and the Col·legi Amor de Dios. The goal is to detect as many asymptomatic cases as possible among the educational communities at three schools (totalling over 1,300 people), to break the chain of transmission, isolate contacts and limit the spread of the virus. Intensive testing continues at the third school, the Escola Pia Sant Antoni, in the Raval neighbourhood, on 20 October. The school has an educational community of 687 people.

15/10/2020 17:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Testing is being carried out today at:

  • Institut Escola Trinitat Nova: educational community of 335 people, of which 282 are pupils in their last two years of primary school or in secondary education and 53 are staff.
  • Col·legi Amor de Dios: educational community of 358 people, of which 315 are secondary school pupils and 43 are staff.

In addition, intensive testing will continue on 20 October at the Escola Pia Sant Antoni, in the Raval neighbourhood, with an educational community of 687 people.

The tests are conducted at the schools by staff from primary medical centres, hospitals and the emergency services. The Barcelona Public Health Agency handles the contact with non-school people in contact with any pupil who tests positive.

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