More empowered women thanks to the programme “Dones Amunt”

Aimed at women in vulnerable situations, the second edition of the “Dones Amunt” programme concludes with 75 participants having spent nine months attending sessions on personal empowerment and autonomy to turn around precarious circumstances.

10/11/2021 14:38 h

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The “Dones Amunt” programme was conceived to offer a set of resources for women in precarious emotional and work situations, for them to work on their self-esteem, decision-making skills and professional training profiles. The overall goal is to reduce vulnerability and provide them with their own tools to transform their lives.

The conclusion to the second edition consolidates this comprehensive nine-month programme of 28 group sessions and 9 individual ones.

Indicators for the second course of “Dones Amunt”

Emotional support holds the key to strengthening women’s self-confidence and changing social and personal dynamics that make them more vulnerable. Out of the 75 participants, 63 state their social relationships have improved, over 74% have started devoting more time to themselves and 45 have formed or strengthened ties with some sort of resource in their neighbourhood.

Over the course of the programme it came to light that 47 women taking part had suffered male violence, 44 of whom were still doing so. The work to recognise this type of violence was fundamental as initially over half did not identify it. Out of the 44 women in question, 55% have taken steps to respond to their situations, such as seeking psychological support, legal help or emotionally separating from their aggressor.

Labour insertion is one of the other aspects included in the programme, as greater financial independence not only favours well-being but also autonomy and decision-making skills among the women on the programme. At the end of the project, 66% of women have gone from having no income to having an income of their own, the number of participants with no work has been reduced by 36%, nearly 43% have improved their labour situation and 13 have started an entrepreneurial process.

The promotion of employment among participants on the “Dones Amunt” programme also addressed training and administration aspects, skills improvement and access to neighbourhood resources and organisations and legal advice. Some 46% of women have started courses in languages, IT, professional skills and training, while 33% have taken action to improve their administrative situation.


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