More public housing and a new nursery school at the Casernes de Sant Andreu

The new development includes 56 flats with rents for young people and will bring the number of public homes created in this area to 500, some 80% with rents and 20% as cohousing. The new nursery school will be the twelfth facility with these characteristics to be created in the last eight years.

16/03/2023 17:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The work at the Casernes de Sant Andreu is transforming the area into a focus for community life, with affordable housing and neighbourhood facilities.

In addition to the two large rest areas with walking space and greenery at the Parc Antoni Santiburco and Rambla Marta Mata, other projects will be created which bring the total number of public flats created to more than 500: a project with flats for young people to start being built now, 152 flats with services for the elderly which is about to be completed, three cooperative housing projects with leases (La Regadora, Sostre Cívic and TEB), plus a hundred rental flats to be built by the operator Habitatge Metròpolis Barcelona.

90 places for infants up to the age of three

The new municipal nursery school will offer 90 places from the 2024-2025 school year onwards. The centre will have a surface area of 748 square metres (636 square metres of which will be the playground), with six classrooms for groups of different ages, a laundry, kitchen, dining-room, pushchair storage and staff room.

Two new schools are already under construction and two others are being enlarged and improved. These are in La Teixonera, Les Corts, Trinitat Nova and Sant Martí de Provençals.

Industrial construction: quicker and with less environmental impact

The building with fifty flats for young people uses an industrial construction method with wooden boards, offering a slight reduction in the time needed and the environmental impact for the surroundings.

The block will have a ground floor and four upper floors, with a built surface space of 4,895 square metres and fourteen homes per floor built around three central yards. The configuration of the block, completely detached and with three inner yards, ensures cross-ventilation and natural light in all of the flats.


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