New boost for the non-profit housing alliance

Two more sites and a municipal building with 203 flats are to be included in the agreement signed with social foundations and housing cooperatives at the end of 2020, anticipating the construction of a thousand flats, with 60% for rent and 40% for cohousing projects.

14/12/2021 15:54 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This new addition will mean another 203 affordable homes as from 2023, on top of the eleven housing projects for 364 flats already assigned to the organisations and currently in different preparatory stages such as project drafting or applying for permits.

Specifically, the three new developments are:

  • Casernes de Sant Andreu, Passeig de Torras i Bages, 126-128: cohousing project for 80 homes by a cooperative.
  • Mont-ral, 37 and 39, and Doctor Letamendi, 99 and 103: promotion of 38 rental homes by a foundation. These are buildings acquired by the City Council early in 2021 to halt speculative processes where there is a long history of non-compliance on maintenance obligations by the previous owners.
  • Bolívia, 23-27: development of 85 open homes by foundations and rental cooperatives.

The agreement allows for the promotion of protected rental homes and strengthens social housing foundations and housing cooperatives, as well as diversifying the range of stakeholders in the housing and property sector and adding to the pool of protected housing through construction and renovation.


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