New work group for the Education Agreement 2030

A work group was set up today for the Acord Edu2030 BCN, a roadmap for the period up to 2030 to make education a priority on Barcelona’s agenda and move towards equal education, reducing the negative social and education effects of the pandemic in the process. The initiative was approved by the Full Council meeting of 27 November 2020, following a proposal from the ERC and votes from BComú, the PSC and JxC.

03/05/2021 19:48 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The work group is due to present a draft agreement between education stakeholders in the city and the City Council at the end of the year so that it can be approved by the Barcelona Education Council (CEMB) and the Full Council before the year is out. The conclusions will be shared with the Barcelona Education Consortium and the Ministry for Education at the Government of Catalonia.

The starting point for the work group will be the content from the Barcelona Pact 2020 and the Sustainable Development Goals for the city for 2030. When the initiative was approved by the Full Council, external experts and internal specialists from the administration were tasked with drafting a basic outline with an analysis, the main challenges and landmarks for 2030, as well as strategies for each of the six areas agreed on:

  1. Education and upbringing in early childhood (0-3)
  2. Planning of education offered and the public stock of education facilities (3-16)
  3. Equal opportunities: balanced schooling and inclusive education
  4. Education paths for the over-16s: baccalaureate, training cycles and second-chance education
  5. Adult training centres
    1. Educational and cultural opportunities beyond school


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