Community centres continue to operate but with restrictions to on-site activities

In accordance with the resolution published by the Government of Catalonia, the city’s community centres are suspending their civic and community on-site activities, which will now be offered online or postponed if this is not possible.

21/10/2020 14:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The various facilities making up Barcelona’s network of civic centres are still operating, but with restrictions in place to comply with the resolution published by the Government of Catalonia to contain the outbreak of Covid-19.

Training activities and workshops will not be able to continue on the premises and will be offered online wherever possible or postponed until the remaining sessions can be resumed. The use of spaces at facilities will not be granted for social and community activities either, and visits and routes are suspended.

The cultural programme for performing arts, music, exhibitions and audio-visual screenings will be kept, as set out in the plans for the resumption of the cultural sector for performing arts and music.


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