Over a million people take part in La Mercè 2022

The first post-pandemic edition of La Mercè was held across three festive days in the city. The recent trend of a more decentralised programme continued, with activities reaching new locations such as the Parc de l’Aqüeducte in Ciutat Meridiana, where Pallassos sense Fronteres were in action, plus re-dimensioned venues such as the Parc de Joan Miró, which offered a family programme. Notable changes this year also saw Passeig de Gràcia host the fire run for the first time, while Música Mercè included a new stage in Zona Universitària.

26/09/2022 18:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The citywide festival programme had brought together 1,020,000 members of the public people by lunchtime on Monday, with the turnout of the Piromusical still to be seen.

  • Concerts: in all, 260,000 people attended concerts during the city’s annual festival, which offered a top-class and diverse line-up of artists (the figure includes the BAM and Acció Cultura Viva).
  • Street arts: calculations put the number or spectators for these activities at 190,000. After various editions conditioned by the pandemic, this year regained the presence of international companies in the programme, with a diversity and quality very well received by the public. The Parc de la Ciutadella was again the epicentre, with activities also reaching parks and other locations all around the city.
  • Fire run: this was the first time the event was held in Passeig de Gràcia, attracting nearly 120,000 spectators and involving over fifty groups from around the city.


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