Plan for a more equative, inclusive and personalised education model

Launched in 2017, the “Network for Change” plan highlighted the need for a change to the education model towards a more equative, inclusive, personalised and skills-based format. Now the new action plan for educational transformation sets out the scenario for the next ten years to guarantee that all children achieve excellence in basic skills at the end of compulsory schooling.

12/11/2021 18:53 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Driven by the Barcelona Education Consortium, the plan is conceived as a dynamic and collaborative initiative with a plural monitoring board and in line with point 5 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This prioritises “guarantees on quality inclusive and equative education and learning opportunities throughout everybody’s lives”.

To this end, the plan sets out eight areas which will allow for changes to be assessed, shared and applied:

  • Fully skilled management and teaching staff: learning networks, mentoring and training proposals.
  • Suitable educational facilities for the educational transformation.
  • Digital acceleration.
  • Innovative programmes for skills learning connected to the environment.
  • Equity in education.
  • Promotion of inclusive education.
  • Human teams better adapted to education projects and inclusion of new socio-educational profiles.
  • Environment and extra-curricular activities.

Spotlight on compulsory secondary education

Guaranteeing or facilitating learning beyond 16 has much to do with the bond forged with the school, as well as the guidance given to students during their time there.

Because of this, the plan aims to achieve education skills linked to reality and which promote empowerment, autonomy and the awareness that what students learn has lifelong value.

The goal is to pursue deep and lasting learning which allows people to develop life projects with greater equity and quality.






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