Reactivating Barcelona with subsidies for shops, restaurants and tourist accommodation

A special new fund by the name of ‘ReActivem Barcelona’ provides twenty million euros in support for businesses hit by the consequences of Covid-19. The funds are available for shops, restaurants, nightlife venues and tourist accommodation which have carried out improvements to their establishments, or plan to do so, in the period between the declaration of the state of emergency and 31 December 2021.

02/07/2021 15:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The subsidies seek to stimulate the economy, prevent businesses from closing down, promote the re-opening of those which had to close and to generate new jobs. The funding will be in two stages: firstly, a call worth 12 million euros to be opened in July, and secondly, a call of 8 million euros, which besides revitalising the economy will also take into account aspects of sustainability and efficiency.

Applications for subsidies can be made via the ReActivem Barcelona website from 12 to 9 September.

What types of improvements are covered by the subsidies?

  • General improvements to facilities.
  • Adaptation in response to Covid-19: this includes the installation of protective screens, disinfectant mats, modifications to ventilation systems and air purifiers etc.
  • Improvements to digitalisation: new IT and digital communications service materials and improvements to IT security.
  • Improvements to accessibility: elimination of architectural barriers to favour access to all parts of the establishment for people with reduced mobility or vision.
  • Improvements to energy efficiency and sustainability: thermal insulation systems or for the collection, separation and management of domestic waste.

Subsidies will be awarded in the order in which applications are received, until the budget is used up. The same natural or legal person can apply for subsidies for up to a maximum of three establishments.

The amount awarded will range from 1,000 to 4,900 euros, depending on the floor area for the business in question, the investment made and, in the case of tourist accommodation, the number of rooms and the type of establishment.

A second stage of subsidies worth a total of 8 million euros will be opened in a few weeks, aimed at work projects and large investments carried out in business establishments, commercial premises, services, restaurants, nightlife and tourist accommodation in Barcelona. These subsidies will cover up to 50% of the cost of work, up to a limit of 100,000 euros.

Barcelona never stops

The Reactivem Barcelona fund forms part of the budget agreement reached with the ERC group for 2021 and falls within the recovery strategy by the Economic Response Coordination Centre, whose special budget of 87 million euros triples the budgetary article from 2020.


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