Roadworks to improve the junction between Balmes and Pelai

Work is being carried out to broaden the pavement at the junction between Balmes and Pelai on the side nearest the mountains. The goal is to make Pelai a friendlier street, with more space for pedestrians and commerce and less space for cars. Work gets under way on 23 May and will last until August.

17/05/2022 11:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The project will create a new pedestrian crossing, providing continuity for Carrer de Pelai. Until now, pedestrians needed to cross the streets of Bergara and Balmes to get to the other side of the pavement on the side nearest the mountains. Current pedestrian crossings will also be enlarged and moved, traffic lights and signage adapted and spatial changes made to lighting and traffic lanes at the junction.

Disruptions to mobility

The work will mean some disruptions to mobility:

  • In Carrer de Pelai, between Plaça d’Universitat and Balmes, just one shared car and bus lane will remain open in the direction of the Besòs, while there will be two traffic lanes in the section between Balmes and Plaça de Catalunya.
  • In Carrer de Balmes, work will occupy the service lane and the bus lane, leaving two traffic lanes operative. The taxi rank in this street will be moved.

The work comes in addition to the tasks carried out last year along the pavement in Pelai nearest the sea, broadening it from 5 to 9 metres and adding 1,500 m2 of new pedestrian space.

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