Underground car parks to include logistics activities

The goal of the new urban plan is to offer greater flexibility for the delivery of goods and small parcel collections by using public car parks. The measures will be applied in underground car parks charging by the hour, reducing the occupancy of public streets by goods delivery vehicles.

24/11/2023 14:04 h

Ecologia Urbana

The approval and implementation of the special urban plan on new activities in car parks in Barcelona allows short and medium stay underground car parks in the city to complement their activities with logistics areas, improving and optimising the management of urban goods distribution in Barcelona.

The complementary activities authorised include: loading and unloading, goods deliveries and activities linked to small parcel pick-ups and the purchase of small products. The final part of the supply chain and the delivery of goods is one of the activities that has the biggest effect on daily life in the city, apart from its importance as a social and economic activity.

The special urban plan, which comes within the framework of the Urban Mobility Plan (PMU) 2024 and the Municipal Urban Goods Distribution Strategy 2030 (EDUM 2030), paves the way for reducing the occupancy of public streets, as a singly delivery stop to deliver packages to lockers would previously have involved various stops in public space to make individual deliveries. This means greater efficiency, reducing the mileage involved, as well as pollution and noise.

Storage and urban distribution of goods

The main activity which the new plan regulates is the installation and consolidation of activities to improve the urban distribution of goods through delivery drop points, centres for the urban distribution of goods (CDUM), smart lockers and refrigerated lockers. Some public car parks in the city are already trialling these services, but the new plan regulates and authorises the activity in Barcelona as a whole so that these can be fully rolled out.

The delivery station or CDUM unit consists of a small enclosed space for the short-term storage of small goods that are delivered sustainably during the day. Similarly, smart lockers allow for the pick-up of goods that do not need to be kept in special conditions. For goods requiring special conservation conditions, there are also refrigerated lockers.

Other services at city car parks

In terms of user services, the plan regulates the inclusion of cash machines and vending machines inside car parks, which can offer drinks, food and other consumer items such as telephone accessories, as well as vehicle repair and valeting services.

Finally, the plan also enables car parks to house elements linked to services usually found in public streets, for instance cabinets for facilities or services or other analogue elements. This also opens up the possibility of removing these from the streets, freeing up space and potential obstacles.

Criteria for the implementation of activities

The plan applies to all short and medium-stay car parks used by the public, whether private or publicly owned. It includes those located underground in public space (streets, free spaces, markets), and beneath private buildings.

The new regulated activities can be installed by replacing up to ten parking spaces or located in other suitable spaces.


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