Work gets under way on the green streets in L’Eixample: how will mobility change?

As from Tuesday, 16 August, work gets under way on the four green streets of Consell de Cent, Girona, Rocafort and Comte Borrell, defining the new mobility models for each section. Vehicles entering these streets will not be able to complete the full street section and will be forced to turn at each block instead. Access to car parks and for service vehicles, emergency vehicles and pedestrians will be guaranteed at all times. The transformation process to create these green streets reverses priority of use, benefitting pedestrians.

10/08/2022 09:31 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The four green streets and four new squares are designed for pedestrian uses and mobility to get priority. The circulation of private vehicles is to be restricted and bike mobility will coexist with pedestrian uses.

Can I circulate by car while work is carried out on the green streets in L’Eixample?

  • As from Tuesday, 16 August, work will be carried out along half of each street at a time, meaning that both sides will not be occupied simultaneously. This will leave half the street available, guaranteeing access for local residents, services, bikes and emergency vehicles.
  • Private vehicles will be able to reach any point along the green streets but will not be able to circulate along a complete section, instead being forced to turn at the next intersecting street. For example, if a car is circulating along C/ Consell de Cent, when it reaches the junction with C/ Calàbria it will be obliged to turn left towards the mountains.
  • Private vehicles will not be allowed to cross the four new squares and will have to turn into one of the intersecting streets. The new squares are at the junctions between C/ Consell de Cent and C/ Rocafort, C/ Compte Borrell, C/ Enric Granados and C/ Girona.

How can I get to my parking space?

  • Access to car parks and reserved entrances will be guaranteed.

Can I cycle along the green streets?

  • A central section will be created for bikes to circulate in both directions, in harmony with pedestrians and all other vehicles.
  • The existing bike lane will be eliminated.

I have a commercial establishment. Where can I load and unload goods?

  • Goods can be loaded and unloaded in green streets during the established hours. Loading and unloading areas will also be created in intersecting streets.

Will the work affect bus-stops?

  • No. Public transport will not be affected at all by the work.

Preliminary work to relocate services

Preliminary tasks were carried out in July and early August, ready for work to begin: parking spaces for people with reduced mobility were relocated, as were parking spaces for bikes and mopeds, with new loading and unloading areas also added.



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