New protocol for sports organisations to combat sexual violence

Presentation of the new “Protocol for preventing, detecting, and acting against sexual violence in sporting activities for adults”. The document is aimed at sports organisations and is intended to promote equality in sport and create safer environments free of violence in sports centres.

20/04/2022 16:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Barcelona Institute of Sports (IBE) used the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell tournament village to present the Protocol for preventing, detecting and acting against sexual violence in sporting activities for adults.

This initiative is part of the 2021-2023 Action Plan from the IBE’s Office of Gender Equity, which aims to establish guidelines for preventing and detecting possible situations of sexual violence that may occur in sports activities in the city of Barcelona, as well as the steps to take when these are identified.

The goals of the protocol are to make it easier for professionals who work in the world of sport to take the preventive measures and actions necessary to ensure that sports activities are held without violence of any kind, helping to make sports entities safe places for all.

The protocol complements the one launched in 2019 for children and teens, the aim being to include people of all ages. This tool will also be accompanied by annual training sessions organised by the IBE’s Department for the Promotion of Sport and geared towards sport entities.

Sexual violence in the world of sport continues to be a taboo topic that people often avoid talking about. The first step in combating these situations is to recognise them and understand that they exist. That’s why we must talk openly about the issue and recognise the need to establish protocols and procedures within organisations.

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