Municipal child-minding service extended to cultural venues

Concilia, the municipal child-minding service, is aimed at single-parent families and those who have no support network. The service is now being expanded to include new venues, providing support for families with no network or not enough resources to access activities at community centres or libraries in areas covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

28/03/2023 16:44 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

May also brings the launch of Concilia Cultura, with a pilot programme involving the Teatre Lliure, the Picasso Museum, La Virreina Image Centre, La Capella, the Fabra i Coats: Contemporary Art Centre and the Barcelona Poetry Festival. All of these will offer different forms of support to children and families to make it easier for adults to access cultural options in the city.

Both steps come within the context of the Cultural Rights Plan, and specifically the government measure “Feminist culture: the right to a diverse and equitable culture“,

Venues adding the new service

In the case of La Virreina Image Centre and La Capella, the children’s activity service will be offered in the LAB space at the Palau de la Virreina at specific times, such as the opening of exhibitions in the centres’ programmes and weekend guided tours.

At the Teatre Lliure, the service will be provided by reservation at the Montjuïc venue during weekend performances in the afternoon. At the Picasso Museum it will start being offered in September, on Thursdays from 4 pm -when free admission to the Museum is available- and on the first Sunday of each month.

As for the Fabra i Coats, a permanent family space will operate inside the CAC-Centre of Contemporary Art, providing a service to all users who access the exhibition space, offering a permanent play area without monitors. In addition, during the openings of the temporary exhibitions and guided tours, a children’s welcome service will also be offered by reservation.

As for the Barcelona Poetry 2023 festival, there will be a play area for young children and workshops for older children who attend the activities programmed in the Jardins dels Tarongers.

All the spaces are aimed at children from 0 to 12 years old (children from 0 to 3 years must be accompanied by a caregiver). More information on this link.


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