The second phase of work on the Via Augusta bicycle lane begins

02/02/2023 09:15 h

Ecologia Urbana

The work to introduce a bicycle lane in Via Augusta, between the streets of Ganduxer and Dolors Monserdà is due to begin in 6 February.

The work is  and will be split according to the direction of traffic. Work will take place first on the downhill lane (entering the city) and until the bicycle lane in this direction has been installed, work will not begin on the uphill lane (leaving the city).

The work of installing the bicycle lane begins with civil works to adapt pavements and urban features, implement new alignments of pavements and new platforms for bus stops (in the existing bus lane).

Subsequently, a new agglomerate surfacing will be installed, along with horizontal signage for the bicycle lane, defining a new traffic section on Carrer Via Augusta. Lastly, the bicycle lane separators and the permanent traffic lights will be installed.

The bicycle lane will run along both sides of Via Augusta next to the pavement, leaving space for one traffic lane, bus lane and bicycle lane, in each direction.

The bicycle lane will not be installed in the section between Carrer de l’Hort de la Vila and Carrer de Pau Alcover, due to construction work on the future L9 metro station in Sarrià. Therefore, on the uphill side, the bicycle lane will go from Ganduxer to Carrer del l’Hort de la Vila and from Carrer del l’Hort de la Vila to Carrer de Dolors Monserdà.

The connection between Vergós and Hort de la Vila, cannot be covered in the bicycle lane, so cyclists must get off their bikes and use the pedestrian pavement when passing in front of the L9 construction work, or share the road with motorised vehicles.

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