Three kilometres of track to be renewed on the L5 metro line

Work begins on 1 July and will last until 31 August, avoiding disruptions at the start of the new school year. Initial work in July will renew the track between the stations of Congrés and Vilapicina, with the section as far as the station of Horta to follow in August. Alternative mobility measures will be laid on, such as shuttle buses covering routes similar to the affected sections.

20/06/2022 15:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The work follows on from the work started at Easter, the goal being to improve the quality and efficiency of the metro service in this section of Line 5. The work has a budget of 15 million euros and will help improve the reliability of the line, reduce the number of incidents and resolve issues caused by surface vibrations. This is expected to make journeys more comfortable too, with service levels and the frequency of trains able to be increased in the future.

Alternative mobility options will see shuttle buses covering a similar route to those in the affected sections, with 19 articulated vehicles. Extra services will also be provided on bus routes along the affected sections, with special attention given to the V27 and D50 services. The third measure entails a 20% increase in service levels on metro lines 1,2,3 and 4, depending on the time of day.

Information for users

As from 20 June, teams of information staff will be on hand at the affected stations and other points of interest, such as the main interchanges on the metro network. There will also be PA announcements and details on information screens, the website and TMB’s social media.

During the work, the journey planner “I want to get to” will also provide users with information relating to the cut in services and the other mobility options available.

All mobility options offered during this period will be accessible for people with reduced mobility.