La Mercè, with the new technologies

Drones that form amazing shapes in the sky, dancing holograms, augmented reality... We present to you the most technological itinerary of the Main Festival!

16/09/2023 - 08:00 h - Culture and leisure Ajuntament de Barcelona

Friday, 22nd September – Mediterràniament Space (Bogatell beach).

30 years of Olympic Village

Enjoy the most creative technology with the proposal you will see from Bogatell Beach (Mediterràniament Space). Watch the drones part of the show in the sky! 30 anos de Vila Olímpica (“30 Years of Vila Olímpica”). A high-flying anniversary!

Friday, 22nd of September – Estació del Nord Park

I love you so much

Technology will also amaze you at the Estació del Nord Park, where the French company Nokill Elektra will offer a unique electronic experience. Indeed, you will find a formidable DJ… and a dance troupe made up of holograms! An innovative event that will captivate the audience with a game of 3D images, dance music and surprises.

From 22nd September to 1st October – Mercè Square

Picasso’s La Mercè

This urban space will host an immersive installation allowing the public to delve into the day-to-day life of the young Picasso and understand what influenced him while he lived in Ciutat Vella. Through this experience, you will get to know the childhood and adolescence of the future painter in the house and environment in which he grew up. Squaremmkm, an entity that designs experiences around art and culture, will transform the space to recreate the house where a young Picasso first picked up the brushes.

Sunday, 24th of September – Espigó del Gas

Geometrics X200

The usual setting of the Barcelona International Fireworks Festival will host much more than fireworks this year: on the night of 24th September, you will witness an extraordinary spectacle, a luminous and three-dimensional allegory about geometry, performed by two hundred drones executing an aerial choreography to the rhythm of music and sound effects. Geometrics X200 is a creation by Floke Drone Art that will form figures up to one hundred metres wide and visible from a kilometre away.

If you enjoy new technologies applied to art and culture, you can’t miss this itinerary.

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