Manifesta 15
Manifesta 15

Local histories, colonialism and climate injustices, at Manifesta 15

The event, from 8 September to 24 November, aims to make citizens more proactive in achieving a socio-ecological transition in Catalonia.

Gent caminant molt separats i amb bici
Gent caminant molt separats i amb bici
Vista de l'escenari i el public reunit
Vista de l'escenari i el public reunit
Montjuïc vist des del raval. ©Vicente Zambrano
Montjuïc vist des del raval. ©Vicente Zambrano

Manifesta, la Biennal Nòmada Europea

Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial’ is an itinerant European biennial of contemporary culture, and one of the most prestigious art projects in the world. From the 8th of September to the 19th of Novembre 2024, Barcelona and ten other cities in the metropolitan area will be hosting Manifesta 15 which will feature an extensive cross-cutting cultural programme.

The main goals of Manifesta 15 are:

  • To enhance the metropolitan vision of Barcelona, establishing a single cultural map of the city and the metropolitan area that will last over time.

  • To rethink the concepts of ‘centre’ and ‘periphery’ in order to build a network of multiple centres and connected communities.

  • To make Barcelona and the metropolitan area a leader in education and art mediation.

Manifesta’s content is primarily focused on encouraging reflection and promoting social change through art and urban planning in Europe.

Find all the information about the next edition on the website.


Manifesta changes location every two years, taking place in a European city or region with a cultural programme featuring around 100 days of art installations, cultural events, workshops and performances.

Manifesta chose Barcelona and its metropolitan area because it is a region that has the capacity to reflect, act and present itself as a prototype of the world of the future.

Gent caminant molt separats i amb bici Isaac Planella


The celebration of Manifesta 15 in Barcelona and the cities in the metropolitan area will be an excellent opportunity to design a new cultural topography for these cities, and to debate how social, political and cultural themes of collective interest fuse with local issues. The metropolitan nature of the event will enable everyone to come together in thinking about the construction of a metropolitan cultural identity.

Visitants miren i fotografien les pee Laura Guerrero

Who for?

Manifesta 15 is a major project involving cultural creation and exhibition that aims to further its mission as an interdisciplinary platform for social change and its commitment to the decentralisation of culture. For this reason, it is primarily calling on residents of the Barcelona metropolitan area, the cultural sector and artistic communities to exhibit and internationalise the event. Manifesta 15 is working collaboratively to build a true metropolitan ecosystem.

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