Retrat de Albert Sabater


Serra Húnter Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Girona and director of the Catalan Observatory for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. 

Since he published his PhD thesis on the subject of bias in bulk population data, he has advised and collaborated with various international organisations and committees such as the United Kingdom’s Economic and Social Research Council and UNESCO through the Inclusive Policy Lab. Currently, he is the principal researcher of the Spanish case study of the international project “Artificial Intelligence for Assessment” (AI FORA), which looks at the use of artificial intelligence in the provision of social services worldwide and its impact on vulnerable populations.

Articles by Albert Sabater Coll

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Digital dividesDigital partners: benefits of intergenerational learning

The population’s digitalisation does not take place at the same pace for everyone: young people are better able to acquire digital skills than older people. Intergenerational...

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