(Barcelona, 1976). With a Degree in Humanities and Journalism, he is editor-in-chief of Time Out Barcelona

He has published the essay Un paradís com el nostre [A Paradise Like Ours] (Saldonar, 2022), together with Laia Beltran, and the novel Ira Klaas (Morsa, 2012).

Portrait: © Maria Dias

Articles by Borja Duñó Aixerch

Inside the Documenta bookshop on Carrer de Pau Claris in Barcelona.
A hopeful turn of events. Why are bookshops bouncing back (and not dying)?

In recent years, more bookshops have opened than have closed in Barcelona. Ona, Finestres, Byron, Fahrenheit 451, Restory, Nocturama, La Insòlita, ECC Cómics… are just some...

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