Retrat de Carlos Zanón

Poet, novelist, and music and literary critic

(Barcelona, 1966). Author of poetry books such as Algunas maneras de olvidar a Gengis Khan (Hyperion, 2004) and Banco de sangre (Espasa, 2017). He has been a lyricist for musicians such as Loquillo, Brighton 64 and Pájaro. 

As a narrator, noteworthy among his books are: Tarde, mal y nunca (RBA, 2009), No llames a casa (RBA, 2012), Yo fui Johnny Thunders (Dashiell Hammett Award 2015, RBA), Taxi (Salamandra, 2017) and Problemas de identidad (Planeta, 2019), the latter featuring the character of Pepe Carvalho. His work has been translated in the United States, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Germany.

Articles by Carlos Zanón

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The right distance

I didn’t mind getting up early to wait for her on the corner with Vinyals and escort her to the underground. It was five, ten minutes, held back at every traffic light and, a few more...

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