Retrat de Carlota Gurt

Writer and translator

Carlota Gurt Daví (Barcelona, ​​1976) is a translator and writer, and has been a tireless student.

Holding a Degree in Translation and Interpreting, Humanities, Business, East Asian Studies and Audiovisual Communication, she is also a former student of the storytelling courses at the Ateneu Barcelonès [Barcelona Athenaeum] and is a huge language enthusiast. The month of September 2021 sees the publication of her first novel, Sola [Alone].

Articles by Carlota Gurt Daví

Il·lustració © Nicolás Aznárez

Gone with the wind. It was blowing fiercely there. It was a wind that didn’t come from any cardinal point, it fell perpendicularly from the sky and smashed you...

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