Retrat de Elena Albareda Fernández


Architect and holder of a Master’s in Architecture, Energy and Environment. She is a founding member of the cooperative Cíclica [space · community · ecology], where she coordinates projects that seek to tackle the challenges of climate change with resilient urban models from the perspective of ecology and social equity.

She combines professional practice with research and lecturing at the Vallès School of Architecture in the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning, and collaborates with various international universities. Among other prizes, she has won the Bauwelt Award 2017 and the European Award for Urban Public Space 2016.

Articles by Elena Albareda Fernández

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyMoving towards a city that cares for us

The health crisis brought on by the pandemic, with the extreme experience of lockdown, has made us see that human habitability is not resolved within the limits of housing, but extends...

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